Promoting reading & learning in children worldwide

Professor McBride is a developmental psychologist dedicated to screening, training, and support for children’s early learning.

Professor McBride partners with learning organizations, universities, parents, teachers, and students to maximize learning

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Professor McBride has created training programs for teachers and parents to help children learn reading and mathematics better. She has also focused on teaching, through her books and a MOOC, and assessment. Check out these practical resources below.

Preschool Training

Optimizing preschool training

Early childhood interventions are important for developing countries to mitigate negative educational outcomes. In different projects, we have created parenting coaching interventions to help parents acquire the skills necessary to help their childre...

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Dyslexia Early Screening Scale (DESS)

The HKDESS evaluates pre-school children's learning difficulties to help assessors determine a child's probability of being diagnosed with dyslexia after entry into primary school so that prompt support and training can be provided. The HKDESS is ...

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Online Learning

Learn about our Massive Open Online Course!

The course started Monday, March 11. It is self-paced, and there are opportunities for discussion and interaction in each of the five modules. The course was written in easy-to-read English. It is a five-week course. We estimate that participants wil...

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Learning Games

Cayan Educational Design Ltd.

Cayan Educational Design Limited (CAYAN) is a new social enterprise devoted to early education through play and helping all children, particularly those at-risk for reading difficulties, learn. Together with Dr. Yanling Zhou, we have more than 40 yea...

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Tips for Learning

Literacy Learning in Chinese

As a public educational initiative on early literacy development, Cammie and her team created a website ‘Reading and Writing 讀寫香港’ in 2013 to provide evidence-based information for Chinese learners. This website targets parents of young c...

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Professor McBride has given talks on dyslexia in many countries.

These are a few organizations she has consulted with ...