My Network

Cammie has worked with many individuals and organizations on early learning. My collaborators have included those from China, Korea, Israel, The Netherlands, Spain, Canada, the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and others.

Some of the professional organizations Cammie works with include Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, the Society for Research in Child Development, Association for Reading and Writing in Asia, and the European Literacy Network.

Presidents of SSSR

Maharastra Dyslexia Association conference 2016

Cammie has been happy to work closely with various administrators at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and to talk with associations devoted to learning difficulties, including the Japanese Research Dyslexia Association, the Swiss Dyslexia Association, the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, FOCUS, and the International Dyslexia Association.

Partner List

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  • Local and International Collaborators

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

European Dyslexia Association (Germany)

European Literacy Network (Portugal)

Verband Dyslexie Schweiz (Switzerland)

Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (India)

International Dyslexia Association (USA)