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WordSword English is the first international English word reading online test based on global English. 

We call it WordSword because, in this task, you have to “slice” through letters to make words, like you would with a sword! This online test will take about 10 minutes. We welcome all children (ages 5 or older) and adults, as long as you know at least a little bit of English. Our goal is to include as many people as possible, since this is about global English.

Learning Games

Cayan Educational Design Ltd.

We create games to help children learn

Cayan Educational Design Limited (CAYAN) is a new social enterprise devoted to early education through play and helping all children, particularly those at-risk for reading difficulties, learn. We have more than 40 years of combined experience in state-of-the-art research related to early literacy skills in Chinese, English, and other languages. With a mission of “creativity through language”, we promote both individual play and also games that groups of children can play to enhance learning. We have received a grant from CUHK to convert our dream of a start-up focused on play in education into reality.